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Secure IE Browser Security is the ONLY Internet browser on the market today that was specifically designed with security and privacy as a primary concern. It utilizes multiple lines of defense to protect your identity, your credit, your social security number and all the sensitive personal information stored on your PC. And to guarantee the latest protection, Secure IE comes with built in auto updates so you stay one step ahead of hackers.

Secure IE protects your computer at the main point of external contact – your web browser – and tightly restricts what websites can and cannot do to you. It specifically addresses malicious behavior from websites and blocks spyware and hackers from gaining entry to your PC. This closes an important potential security hole that is often left vulnerable in other browsers.

Our Tecnical support team is capabale to integrate your system with latest firewall and antivirus software to stop Spyware at the point of entry with our exclusive Browser Shield that seals up security gaps by our automatic security tune-up Blocks. Malicious ActiveX automatically Blocks Pop-ups, including Windows Messenger pop-ups.

One click access to security zones Intercepts Malicious File Downloads and scans for viruses which requires virus-scanning software. Our team stays one step ahead of hackers with built in auto-updates on top of unbeatable security,







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