Database Management

Hi Tech Systems provides database server, operating system, logical volume manager, filesystem, storage subsystem, Oracle or SQL Server database, SQL application, network, and security.

Our DBA team is expert enough to reduce your time to ask questions and we take things seriously. At the same time, we focus on offering personalized DBA support services. When you call for support, you will get individual attention and prompt service.,

Our Database Server support system includes :

  • Installing mysql server package with optional modules support
  • Installing mysql client package
  • Installing mysql-devel package
  • Manage database and users
  • Integration with all programming languages
  • Migration of database
  • Replication of database
  • Performance tuning

Remote Database Administration Services

we provide remote DBA service to organization’s needs as per organizations convenience. Here we offers Internet based DBA services to database applications that combine a cost affective service delivery method with ease of use and instant help.

Mainly supported database server by us are as follows :

Microsoft SQL Server: Standard Query Language is both an easily operable, user friendly language and the most comprehensive tool for managing and manipulating data. SQL allows you to extract, combine, manipulate, and organize data with minimum or least programming than all traditional methods or techniques. SQL services can be highly optimized with more complex algorithms, queries, record sets, by creating efficient running code.

Oracle: Oracle is the world’s most widely used database has a potential to work with the most complex database environments. Easy to execute on all corporate standard platforms (OS), Oracle databases acquire the most superior rank in the industry.

Our experience—along with our tools—helps us proactively assess your database systems via our remote DBA support and make adjustments to avoid a crisis. If a critical problem does arise, we know about it within minutes. And, depending on the level of service you have selected, we deal with those issues accordingly.







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