Network Integration (LAN/WAN)

Our service delivery processes comprise a range of technologies for wireless and wired networks, access to users, customers, suppliers and partners, ensuring security of your data and speed of execution.

The Internet also plays an important role for the companies who are related to e-commerce Websites, B2B partnerships or customer relationship management system.

Our network support services include:

  • Practical, 24×7 network monitoring.
  • Installing and configuring network devices
  • Setting-up LAN / WAN
  • Setting up primary and virtual IPs
  • Protecting network using firewall and antivirus
  • TCP / IP, Subnetting allocation setting
  • Package installation / configuration
  • Windows Router configuration
  • File and print sharing across multiple networks
  • Dynamic IP allocations.
  • Configuring VPN for remote access of company files and network.

We practically safeguard your critical computing infrastructure by continuously monitoring servers and networks elements to catch problems before your users are affected and backing up all data on all your desktops and servers to ensure that you never lose any important information.







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