Server Management and Administration

Hi-Tech Systems has a reliable, cost-effective and secure Server Management Support, Remote Server Administration, & Managed Business IT Support Services to growing businesses.

Our Managed IT department has the capability of strong foundation of technology that can help you minimizing downtime and maintaining a healthy network for your company.




Web Server Management Services

Web servers are basically used for hosting a site either on Internet or Intranet. If an individual or a company is more concerned about the privacy and confidentiality and decide to host website on their own resources, we can deliver them best quality product with optimum speed and security. Our web services include :

  • Installation of Apache from source
  • Installation of Apache from RPM or ports
  • Setting up Web site; Configuring Website parameters and customization
  • Confiugration of Apache and Frontpage extensions
  • Security configuration and security audits
  • Creation of SSL certificates and related configuration
  • PHP installation and configuration
  • CGI, Perl, mod_perl installation and configuration
  • Performance tuning and enhancements

Web Server – IIS

  • Installing and configuring IIS Web Server
  • Installing, configuring and managing FTP servers, patch IIS with the latest version from Microsoft
  • Installing and configuring FrontPage extension
  • Managing server using server level administration

Linux Server Support

  • Linux OS Management on Redhat, Sun, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuse
  • Monitoring and alerting of critical applications and services
  • Hosting solutions using Apache, TomCat, Mod_SSL, CPANEL, Plesk, Squid Proxy server
  • Deployment and management of virtual servers
  • Database Management – MySQL
  • Implement and audit security policies using iptables
  • Shell scripting to automate routine tasks
  • Backup and Recovery using scripting or tools.

FTP Server (ProFTPD, Wu-FTP)

  • Installing and configuring FTP server
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous FTP
  • User management and security settings

DNS Server

  • Installing and Configuring DNS Server
  • Setting-up master/slave DNS
  • Installing mysql server package with optional modules support
  • Installing mysql client package
  • Installing mysql-devel package
  • Managing database and users
  • Integration with all programming languages
  • Migration of database
  • Replication of database
  • Performance tuning

Mail Server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP with Imail or Exchange)

  • Installing / configuring Microsoft Exchange server :
  • Adding domain for email server
  • Exchange server administrator and monitoring
  • Configuring SMTP routing, Mail relay restriction , anti spamming restriction
  • User access restriction , access file restriction
  • Installing and securing Microsoft outlook Web access for users Web mail
  • Securing Microsoft outlook Web access

Mail Server (Exim, qmail, Postfix and Sendmail)

  • Installing and configuring mail server
  • Configuring auto-responders and mailing lists
  • Security configuration and audits of security status
  • Integration of spam and anti-virus software
  • Implementation of Web-based management software
  • Setting up SMTP authentication
  • MySQL integration
  • User management






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