Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions include Internet, Fiber, Fax, Data Center Solutions

Internet Connectivity Options:


Customer Profile

Speed Range

T1 / DS1

T1 / DS1 Internet access services are ideal for small and medium businesses requiring reliable, high-speed Internet access with dedicated Internet connectivity.

1.544Mbps - 6 Mbps

T3 / DS3

T3 / DS3 Internet access services are ideal for businesses that require high-speed, high-capacity Internet access to support high bandwidth applications or have outgrown their T1 services.

6 Mbps - 45 Mbps


OC3 Internet access services are ideal for large enterprises, ISPs and other businesses that require ultra high-speed connection to support high-volume network traffic and where Internet connectivity is critical to operations.

10 Mbps - 55 Mbps


Ethernet Internet access services are ideal for high-end applications, including video-conferencing, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Web Hosting.

1 Mbps - 10 Gig

WAN Connectivity & Data Center Solutions

We are fully trained to provide you with comprehensive consulting services to help you size and choose the right WAN product(s) / service(s) based on your requirement(s) & business objective(s).

The major service offerings of TATA Communications are as follows: .

We are proud to benefit several big comanies and large enterprises by providing them their best choice from our ally TATA COMMUNICATIONS.





       IT Infrastructure Management

       System Integration

       WAN Connectivity & Data Center





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